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Next Digital Camera

Lots to consiser in the next digital camera. Canon G9 still ranks high and now the Nikon P80 has just come out. When I look at sample photos from the pros I usually focus on hair (long hair on women in particular) as that really highlights the camera’s ability to capture and present sharp detail. Looking for something great, just short of a digital SLR. Have been very happy with both Nikon and Canon and will likely stick with either of those. The images seem to come out better on those than anything else. Even when the stats are the same on other cameras, the others sometimes manage to botch a good thing with poor compression (or overcompression).

MontGras Reserva Carmenere

I had to share an example of one of the treasures of Chilean wine. MontGras Reserva Carmenere is pure delight! It has a depth you will be more than hard pressed to find anywhere else for the price ($10 to $13 NYC). I challenge ALL of Australia to offer anything for the price that can beat it.

Again, if your taste is like mine, drawn to the earthy limestones beyond the wooden tastes of some lesser wines, you will find a nice home in this wine. Enjoy! It’s sublime. No kidding…really!

Chilean Wine

Chilean wine has to be one of the most enjoyable bargains in red wine. The better ones are still very inexpensive compared to similar wines from other parts of the world. To me, good wine shouldn’t taste like an oak barrel. Top wines of the world taste more like limestone and that type of real estate can be very expensive. And so are the wines from those regions. Yet, Chilean wines can have that earthy limestone taste for the price of a Manhattan movie ticket.

Impressive rich reds await your lips and tongue. You’re in for a treat.

I wait for you behind the walled garden…

I wait for you behind the walled garden…